The Houses October Built

Coming Soon: The Houses October Built

Horror films about Halloween are actually a rare breed. The closest we usually get is a horror film set around Halloween, which is not the same thing at all. Ginger Snaps is an excellent horror film set around Halloween; it is not a film about Halloween. Trick'r Treat is an excellent horror film set on Halloween; it is about Halloween.It's not an arbitrary distinction, either. Halloween has its own set of rules, rituals, customs, and mythology that are severely under-explored within the horror genre. I honestly can't remember that last time a horror film about a haunted house attraction … Continue Reading ››

Watch: Black Widow by Iggy Azalea

I don't know where Iggy Azalea can go from here. Well, that's not fair at all. She's building a very strong career for herself with a very smart team and a good head on her shoulders.No, I mean I don't know how she's going to try to top herself next. Her video for "Black Widow" is even more ambitious than her shot-for-shot Clueless remake in "Fancy." Basically, it's a Taratino fantasy, mashing together Pulp Fiction with Kill Bill Vol. 1&2 and even features everyone's favorite dirtbag assassin Budd (played by Michael … Continue Reading ››
Horror Thursday: Witchfinder General

Horror Thursday: Witchfinder General

Witch films are a small sliver of horror, but it's a genre I really enjoy. Witchfinder General is one of the few films to focus on the horrors of the witch trials without arbitrarily deciding the panicked fears of hysterical townspeople had any merit. The bad guys are the witch hunters and the victims are everyone they come across. Interesting spin.Horror Thursday: Witchfinder General

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