Why Shakespeare Is Important

Watch: Kiriosity: Why is Shakespeare Important? That Is the Question

In my day to day life, I don’t need to do a lot to justify my obsession with Shakespeare. I music direct/teach educational theater year round. There’s always an excuse to preach the good word of the Bard.

But, theatrical criticism has started to take a turn, at least in NYC. A great production of a safer Shakespeare–a Macbeth or a Twelfth Night–will easily get raves. A great production of a more problematic play–a Richard III or A Midsummer Night’s Dream–will receive far more mixed reviews. Context is important, and it’s becoming more common now to force 21st Century readings onto 16th/17th Century plays.

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The 10 Most Challenged Books in America 2013

Last week, the American Library Association posted their annual list of the most challenged and banned books in America. It’s an important thing to keep tab on because of the implications.

For one thing, once a book gains a reputation as controversial, especially a YA or children’s book, it’s unlikely to leave the list until a more controversial book comes out. It doesn’t matter if there are greater social implications in the book. Context makes no difference. The inclusion of controversial elements to address them in a way that makes sense to young people so they can be encouraged not to follow that behavior means nothing.

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New Fatal Frame Game Wii U

New Fatal Frame Game Coming to Wii U

No horror game series ever grabbed my interest and scared me quite as much as Fatal Frame. Sure, I prefer Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem and even Illbleed, but neither of those continued after a first entry.

Fatal Frame is all about the camera obscura. Essentially, developer Tecmo created a mythology around existing technology. An actual camera obscura is an early projection device, the kind of thing used for entertainment in a parlor or by a travelling show to convince people ghosts are real.

In Fatal Frame, there is no trick of the imagination; the ghosts are real and the camera obscura is your only defense.

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Consumed by David Cronenberg

Watch: Consumed by David Cronenberg Book Trailer

I can think of few filmmakers I’d be more interested in reading the debut novel of than David Cronenberg. The master of body horror and the modern psychological thriller has written a novel coming out on 2 September 2014.

The book trailer is something else. It’s a short film, really, and NSFW at that. Nothing gory happens, but there is nudity and dialogue suggesting the gore to come.

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Sketchy Details Updates

April is almost over and I’ve held up to my goal of at least one post a day, even during the stressful tech/performance week of Funny Girl.

Now things are getting real.

Next week, Sketchy Details @YouTube returns with a new schedule. I’ll be announcing that on Monday. I’m also aiming for at least two posts a day, Monday to Friday, for the rest of the year. I’m scheduling stuff in advance already for when I’m vacation in Florida next month. I’m plotting out the convention schedule and trying really hard to get panels picked up at big events. I’m a charming speaker in person, honest. There are a few other things on the back burner that are slowly going to role out before summer takes over. I’m excited for where this is going.

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