Extra Life

Extra Life 2014

This year, I will be participating in the Extra Life gaming marathon fundraiser. All my details are here.

Extra Life is a charity event to raise funds for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. It all started back in 2008, when the Sarcastic Gamer Community decided to memorialize one of their young members with a charity drive. The girl, Victoria Enmon, struggled against acute lymphoblastic leukemia three times before passing away. Her online friends sent her video games and gifts to keep her occupied and entertained while she underwent treatment at a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Ever since her passing, Extra Life has run yearly 24 hour gaming marathons to raise money to help children like Victoria all across the country. Continue reading

Until Dawn

Coming Soon: Until Dawn (PS4)

I like horror games. I’m pretty terrible at them, too. Until a few years ago, my reaction at a scare was to turn off the TV or monitor and wait for someone else to show up to turn off the console. I’ve gotten better and even revisited a lot of those games that caused the overreaction.

One area that I’ve always wondered about is a slasher-themed video game. There were a few in the 1980s on the NES (specifically Friday the 13th, Halloween, and A Nightmare on Elm Street). Texas Chainsaw Massacre predated those efforts on the Atari 2600 and Night Trap for Sega CD effectively killed the genre with the ratings hysteria in the early 90s. There were, surprisingly, two Saw games where you had to navigate traps and, unsurprisingly, quite a few titles where you play crazy serial killers (like Postal).

Enter Until Dawn. This game from Supermassive Games is scheduled to come out in 2015 and it’s pretty much the slasher game I’ve always wondered about.

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The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Watch: First US Trailer for The Tale of Princess Kaguya

It is very rare that Studio Ghibli films not directly connected to Hayao Miyazaki get all that much attention in the United States. Ghibli pictures still get more attention than other Japanese animation studios, but it’s that Miyazaki magic that Disney banks on to justify the distribution deal.

The Tale of Princess Kaguya might change that. Writer/director Isao Takahata (best known for his masterpiece Grave of the Fireflies) pays tribute to one of the most enduring Japanese folktales. “Princess Kaguya,” also known as “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter,” is a story about a poor bamboo cutter who finds a tiny princess living inside of a piece of bamboo. He raises her to adulthood when five kings from five different kingdoms propose to her. She will only marry the one who finds the gift that she is truly looking for.

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