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Tropes vs Women in Video Games

Tropes vs. Women in Video Games: Women as Background Decoration

Anita Sarkeesian’s newest Tropes vs. Women in Video Games video is the strongest in the series yet. It’s also the most upsetting and features a whole lot of violence against women and disturbing sexual content. She opens the video with a content warning, and I’m stressing it here. I couldn’t get through the video in one sitting.

If you can stand the subject matter, watch it. It’s excellent.

Costume Quest 2

Coming Soon: Costume Quest 2: Trick or Treat

Costume Quest, the 2010 Halloween-themed RPG from Double Fine Productions, is one of my favorite games of all time. It’s more than just the obvious reason (me being a Halloween obsessive). It’s funny, it’s clever, the combat is surprisingly nuanced for a turn-based RPG, and the game just looks great. The transformation from cutesy recycled costumes out of cardboard boxes and fishing line to action/anime style fighters with elaborate killing moves is stunning. The monsters are challenging and creepy without being super threatening and the dialogue from the NPCs is entertaining enough to justify meeting every person you can.

The story is pretty simple. Twin siblings Reynold and Wren are told they have to go trick or treating together. You chose one to control and the other gets kidnapped after he is mistaken for candy by monsters. The monsters are collecting candy to bring a giant baddie to life on Halloween in a plot by a sorceress to take over the world. Reynold/Wren has to find his/her twin with the help of trick or treaters, a lot of candy, and cool costumes made from material around town.

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Quick Warning: Pretentious Game

Just a head’s up. I’m supposed to have reviewed the PC adaptation of indie web/mobile game Pretentious Game for Gizorama already. I can’t. The game does not work on Steam at all if you have a 64 bit system. It’s been a couple weeks and the publisher is apologetic and working on a fix, but you literally wind up with an empty folder that causes an error on Steam if you try to play it. It’s $4.99 and I cannot in good conscience stay quiet anymore while the game is still for sale yet totally broken.

The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Mario Kart 8

This is a game changer, people. The newest entry in Nintendo’s Mario Kart series lets you upload game-generated highlights reels (or complete races, for that matter) to YouTube.

That way, I can point out things like this: the new Mario Kart lets you ride a carousel horse cart with big wooden wheels. It’s…not an advantage at all except for looking super kawaii. I feel like Kyary while losing every online race I enter. Mii + Carousel Car = Winning.

Games I Can't Stop Playing May 2014

Games I Can’t Stop Playing: May 2014

I finally finished proctoring AP Exams today, so I can cement the content schedule for next week when I’m in Florida through Friday and then immediately jumping into PressManMode at Book Expo America.

Just a quick post while I’m thinking about these things. I have a thing where I obsessively play games for months and months, sometimes because they last that long and more often because I fall in love and just keep beating/exploring them. These are the ones I can’t stop playing in May.

Child of Light (Wii U)

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