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New Nintendo 3DS

Everything We Know About the New Nintendo 3DS

Yes, there is going to be a new version of the 3DS coming soon. In Japan, it's releasing next week. There's no set release date for America, but it's coming.First, the 3DS is getting a redesign. There's a second analog stick on the right and a second set of shoulder buttons in the back. The screens are larger on the regular and XL sizes and the battery life is better.Second, the 3D feature itself is getting tweaked. Nintendo has found a way to increase the viewing angles. Maybe you can finally play in 3D without getting dizzy or building … Continue Reading ››
Smash Bros Good and Bad

New Super Smash Bros: Good News, Bad News

Nintendo is taking a lot risks with the newest entry in the Super Smash Bros. series. By now you know that the game will be released on the 3DS and the Wii U. The 3DS version comes out next month and is already available in Japan.The good thing about the 3DS version coming out first is getting used to the controls on the handheld gaming system. Why? Because Nintendo has confirmed that you will be able to use the 3DS as your controller on the Wii U version.It's a great … Continue Reading ››