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Horror Thursday: Witchfinder General

Horror Thursday: Witchfinder General

Witch films are a small sliver of horror, but it's a genre I really enjoy. Witchfinder General is one of the few films to focus on the horrors of the witch trials without arbitrarily deciding the panicked fears of hysterical townspeople had any merit. The bad guys are the witch hunters and the victims are everyone they come across. Interesting spin.Horror Thursday: Witchfinder General
Chopper Review (Film, 2001)

Chopper Review (Film, 2001)

Mark "Chopper" Read is a psychopath. There is no mincing words here. The career criminal is so disconnected from reality that he is willing to cause harm to himself to get what he wants. He lies, cheats, and manipulates to create a story worthy of a best-selling book and then sells the book as his true story, lies and all.The scariest part about Chopper is the biographical element. Mark Read was real. Mark Read went to jail repeatedly throughout his life, turning his letters from prison into a best-selling autobiography in his native Australia. He really did do ridiculous things … Continue Reading ››
Crowdfund It: Hullabaloo

Crowdfund It: Hullabaloo

A group of animation veterans are crowdfunding a hand-drawn original animated short film. That film is Hullabaloo, a full-Victorian steampunk story with female protagonists. The goal would be to expand the short into a web series or feature film in the future. If that's not enough to convince you to contribute like I did, maybe their video will.Hullabaloo has almost doubled its fundraising goal in three days, but that doesn't mean they don't need more help. They smashed through their second goal, creating a second short in the series. The third goal allows for a … Continue Reading ››
As Above, So Below

Horror Thursday: As Above, So Below

People, this is not a drill. As Above, So Below is the first must see horror film of 2014 (released wide in theaters). Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Go directly to your local theater of choice and see one of the best adventure films (that's also a horror film, a dark fantasy, an absurdist experiment, and a celebration of history, art, literature, and mythology) to come around in years.Horror Thursday: As Above, So Below
Tamara Novel

Coming Soon: The Novelization of Tamara

Now here's something you don't see every day.Back in 2005, a horror film named Tamara came and went without much notice. It was a solid little thing about a girl accidentally killed who comes back to enact revenge on her tormentors. It's a lot like the Japanese Tomei series, only without the regeneration aspect. Tamara comes back from the grave; Tomei can't die.It's now 2014 and the original writer of Tamara, Jeffrey Reddick, and a new writer/collaborator, J.D. Matthews, are releasing a novelization of Tamara coming out in October.It'll be interesting to see how … Continue Reading ››
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Review (Film, 2014)

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For pretty much picks up like there wasn't a nine year gap between the two entries in the Sin City series. Robert Rodriguez teams up with graphic novel creator Frank Miller to bring the gritty noir of Sin City to life in glorious black and white. Once again, three intertwined stories are told.The titular story is the reason to see the film. It's the best of the six stories told in the films, largely because the casting is perfect. Josh Brolin plays Dwight (the pre-cosmetic surgery version played by Clive Owen in Sin … Continue Reading ››