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Ghoul Friend

Watch: Ghoul Friend

We're not quite in October yet, aka the best month of the year. Why is it the best month? Autumn starts to kick in for real, turning the leaves into a beautiful medley of reds, oranges, and purples. Pumpkin spice flavor is available on or in everything. And Halloween makes its triumphant return.October is when it magically becomes okay to be a horror fan. More people than not want to go out and get scared. They want to see a scary movie or walk through a haunted house. They want to live in the fantasy of fear and pretend … Continue Reading ››
Pikmin Movie

The Pikmin Movie is Coming

Pikmin is one of Nintendo's strangest gaming properties and that says a lot. They helped bring back the video game industry with the story of a plumber fighting turtle monsters to save a princess in a kingdom populated with mushroom people. Their next most successful property is a pink ball that sucks up enemies to absorb their power. The plumber and his enemies play baseball, soccer, board games, go-karts, and fight for sport. They solve puzzles with viruses and even teach children how to draw and swat flies.But, no. Pikmin is something quite special. A human lands on a … Continue Reading ››
The Houses October Built

Coming Soon: The Houses October Built

Horror films about Halloween are actually a rare breed. The closest we usually get is a horror film set around Halloween, which is not the same thing at all. Ginger Snaps is an excellent horror film set around Halloween; it is not a film about Halloween. Trick'r Treat is an excellent horror film set on Halloween; it is about Halloween.It's not an arbitrary distinction, either. Halloween has its own set of rules, rituals, customs, and mythology that are severely under-explored within the horror genre. I honestly can't remember that last time a horror film about a haunted house attraction … Continue Reading ››
Attack on Titan Season 2

Attack on Titan Series 2 and Films Are Coming

I'm a big fan of Attack on Titan. One, it's one of the rotating banners on Sketchy Details right now (that would be the young man standing in front of the fiery landscape). Two, I've already seen it subbed to completion multiple times. Three, I'm keeping up best as I can with the manga as released in America. Four, I'll also stay up on the weekend to watch the dub on Adult Swim even though I can just watch it on Hulu or Crunchyroll instead and already know what's going to happen.For those unfamiliar, Attack on Titan is a post-apocalyptic … Continue Reading ››
Horror Thursday: Witchfinder General

Horror Thursday: Witchfinder General

Witch films are a small sliver of horror, but it's a genre I really enjoy. Witchfinder General is one of the few films to focus on the horrors of the witch trials without arbitrarily deciding the panicked fears of hysterical townspeople had any merit. The bad guys are the witch hunters and the victims are everyone they come across. Interesting spin.Horror Thursday: Witchfinder General
Chopper Review (Film, 2001)

Chopper Review (Film, 2001)

Mark "Chopper" Read is a psychopath. There is no mincing words here. The career criminal is so disconnected from reality that he is willing to cause harm to himself to get what he wants. He lies, cheats, and manipulates to create a story worthy of a best-selling book and then sells the book as his true story, lies and all.The scariest part about Chopper is the biographical element. Mark Read was real. Mark Read went to jail repeatedly throughout his life, turning his letters from prison into a best-selling autobiography in his native Australia. He really did do ridiculous things … Continue Reading ››