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Why Shakespeare Is Important

Watch: Kiriosity: Why is Shakespeare Important? That Is the Question

In my day to day life, I don't need to do a lot to justify my obsession with Shakespeare. I music direct/teach educational theater year round. There's always an excuse to preach the good word of the Bard.But, theatrical criticism has started to take a turn, at least in NYC. A great production of a safer Shakespeare--a Macbeth or a Twelfth Night--will easily get raves. A great production of a more problematic play--a Richard III or A Midsummer Night's Dream--will receive far more mixed reviews. Context is important, and it's becoming more common now to force 21st Century readings onto … Continue Reading ››
Doctor Who Timelines

Explore: Doctor Who Timelord Timelines

The BBC has released the most incredibly nerdy interactive infographic ever. They have mapped all of the time travel over twelve regenerations of Doctor Who (the War Doctor included). It's astonishing.
Doctor Who Timelines Full
Mind blowing level of detail
The first thing I did with this, as I do with all infographics I come across, was question the accuracy. I know the 9th Doctor the best and knew that 2040 was not far enough into the future to cover the episode where Rose and the Doctor first meet the last … Continue Reading ››

Watch RuPaul Drives…John Waters

Three more nights of performances then I'm back to writing. More curated content.I'm big on RuPaul Drives as a web series. It's a more twisted slant on the same formula as Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The John Waters (NSFW, obviously) episode is the best in the series so far. Two subversive pop culture geniuses talking shop on the road. Genius.
Black and White (The Haunting Ground 2.01)

Black and White (The Haunting Ground 2.01)

Today marks the beginning of Season 2 of The Haunting Ground. A Halloween show in February, you ask? Think of it this way: you have just over eight months to get everything ready for the best night of the year.The first few episodes this season are all going to be about inspiration and theme. I already know what I'm doing (kind of) for 2014: a fully black and white haunt. Here's why it's a great theme for you Halloween decorations.
Like, comment, share, and subscribe to Sketchy … Continue Reading ››

I’m a Fullscreen Partner Now

FullscreenLast night, while I was editing the upcoming episode of The Haunting Ground, I received confirmation that I'm a Fullscreen partner now.What's Fullscreen? Fullscreen is the largest independent multi-channel YouTube network. They provide support to YouTube content creators like me with tools and resources I'd never be able to negotiate on this scale by myself. They also help connect content creators for collaborative projects and sponsorship that increase visibility and revenue.In other words, now that I have the support of the Fullscreen network, I'm going to be able … Continue Reading ››

Best Web Series of 2013

This is the final medium-specific category of The Sketchys. Tomorrow, I have something very special planned to commemorate the year in media.For today, we're looking at the best new web shows started in 2013. You might be able to predict a few of the entries based on shows I've written about this year. There are a couple surprises in this unranked list. I also include my favorite episode with each honoree. Let's get to it.The 2013 Sketchys: Best Web SeriesJames St. James' TransformationsAnyone with an interest in art, makeup (beauty and … Continue Reading ››

CentUp Offering 100 Free Credits for Signing Up

I explained what the CentUp button is when I first uploaded it to Sketchy Details over the summer. Basically, it's a way for you, the reader, to support content you like directly. You upload money to your CentUp account and can drop in a few pennies here and there wherever you see participating sites you want to support. Simple as that.The CentUp team has really been working hard to improve and grow the service. They're running a promotion right now where you get 100 free credits to use however you want Continue Reading ››

Explore: Film School Thesis Statement Generator

I think I'm being put out of a job. The Film School Thesis Statement Generator is a cheeky look at academic film criticism. It pulls very broad critical concepts pulled from title keywords and randomly pairs them with basic film elements. Add in academic doublespeak and you wind up with profound looking statements that boil down to really simple things.For example,
Through the fluid identification of the viewer, Otto; Or, Up with Dead People conforms to pre-Oedipal guilt.
actually means
Since someone watching the film can connect to some changing aspect of the story, Otto; Or, Up with Dead People falls in line … Continue Reading ››