Sketchy Comics

Food Don’t Go Stale in Space
Freelancing on the Outskirts

Food Don’t Go Stale in Space is the story of three freelancers–a writer, a musician, and an artist–trying to create a stable income through a massive collaborative webzine. Too bad they have the collected attention span of a gnat. Can Preston, Jeff, and Julia focus on one goal long enough to live off of FDGSIS?

Originally published at Comic Fury, FDGSIS has found a new home at Sketchy Details. Published every Monday. Written by Robert Gannon. Artwork by Angela Kiger.

The Week in Media
It all tastes the same in the end.

Ever notice how all the entertainment news, gossip, and big stories start to blur together into overriding themes each week? The Week in Media is a satirical look at this phenomenon. When you have instant access to everything, it all melds together in your memory.

Published every Saturday. Writing and Artwork by Robert Gannon.