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Macbeth Review (Broadway)

Macbeth Review

What is it that has kept us coming back to Shakespeare again and again for centuries? Is it the masterful wordplay? The colorful characters? The layers of meaning and themes interwoven throughout? The structure that binds each play together? Alan…

Stoker Review (Film, 2013)

Stoker Review

Stoker is the most beautiful horror film I’ve seen since Three…Extremes (2004/2005 US). Coincidentally, it’s also the first Chan-wook Park film I’ve seen in theaters since Three…Extremes. Park knows how he wants to tell a story and he is not…

The Paperboy Review (Film, 2012)

The Paperboy Review

Director Lee Daniels follows up his Academy Award-nominated genre-fluid coming of age masterpiece Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire with the not-Academy Award-nominated genre-fluid pulpy noir psychedelic coming of age crime thriller The Paperboy. The film opens with…