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Lindsey Stirling: The Pop Culture Violinist

Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling has come a long way since stepping into mainstream media consciousness on America’s Got Talent. There, with only 90 seconds to perform at a time, she was viewed as a novelty act (Lindsey Stirling, the “hip hop violinist”) and nothing more. The judges did not like her quarterfinals performance, with Piers Morgan giving her an X and no

Listen: Karen O’s “Strange Love”


I’m a sucker for quite a number of things involved in this story. Tim Burton pictures? I’ve seen them all in theaters since Sleepy Hollow. Yeah Yeah Yeahs? I pop one of their albums in at least once a week and try to catch them whenever they play in NYC. Karen O’s film scoring/soundtrack contributions? Pure unadulterated fandom. Calypso music

M.I.A.: An Appreciation

M.I.A. Bad Girls

I’ve been big on M.I.A. since she came out the gates with “Galang,” a twisted little play on street slang that is far deeper than its sing-song hook and neon colored video would lead you to believe. Is it a track about the call to emigrate to a wealthier area that isn’t necessarily safer? A remembrance of the violence during

What’s the Worst Song You Ever Heard?

UPDATE: Here’s the MJRI voting link this week. Here’s my (Totally, Completely, not joking around, NSFW) performance that the judges liked for once. And here’s the full podcast. Voting closes Midnight on Wednesday, July 11. I admit that I enjoy terrible songs. I love to tear them apart, analyze them, and figure out how they went so wrong. Usually there

Rock the Vote: MyndJack Radio Idol Top 9


It’s America week on Myndjack Radio Idol. I’ll update after the show goes live with the voting link. Voting link is here. I appreciate #1 votes. Not ranking contestants is worse than ranking in last place. Any unranked contestant gets the worst score possible. As you can see, there aren’t too many ways to make Amanda Palmer (by way of