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Sketchy Details is always looking for guest writers. I cannot afford to pay for guest posting, but your work will be seen by the fast growing audience of the site. In April 2011, we had 2000 monthly visitors. In June, we had 7000 monthly visitors. We’re on track to break 10,000 visitors a month by September.

There are only a few content guidelines to keep in mind.

  1. Your post must be about some aspect of entertainment media. If you can incorporate photos or video into the post, even better.
  2. Have a point to your piece. We aren’t looking for a simple plot summary. Reviews, overviews of an artist/writer/director/actor/etc.’s career or style, posts connecting various films/books/TV shows/etc to a theme or style, opinion pieces on trends in a field, previews of upcoming attractions with analysis, and similar ways of looking at media.
  3. Second look pieces (media we’ve already reviewed, topics we’ve already discussed) are absolutely welcome if you bring something new to the discussion.
  4. No foul or vulgar language. We keep the text PG around here and warn of any objectionable content in video.
  5. Your post must be at least 300 words long.

That’s it. Style-wise, we italicize all titles and link to news sources and media we can’t embed. We center media and bold headings if your post breaks down like that.

What do you get?

  1. An introduction to your post. Something like this: “This is [your name] from [your link] writing about [your topic].
  2. A 2 to 3 sentence bio at the bottom of the post. You can include two links (like your own site and a social networking account) and a contact (an e-mail or a Twitter).
  3. Promotion. I will personally Tweet the link to your post as well as submit it through various programs to social networking sites and web aggregates. I’m shameless when it comes to promotion. The more people see your post, the more people get to your link and your byline right at the top of the post.

If you’re interested in writing a guest post, . Make the subject line “Guest Post: [your idea]” and let me know what you have planned. No reasonable concept will be ignored.

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One Response to Write For Us

  1. Jeffrey Wengrofsky on 23 October 2011 at 1:01 PM


    As an actor in Cynthia vonBuhler’s production (I play Dr. Thomas Gonzales, the Chief Medical Examiner), I came across your review. As someone with an interest in indie media and art, I thought that it might interest you to know about my film company, the Syndicate of Human Image Traffickers (www.humansyndicate.com). Our most recent film, “The Party in Taylor Mead’s Kitchen,” is an Official Selection of DOC NYC, the film festival of the Independent Film Channel, and is slated to premiere on November 6 and 7 (details are on the website mentioned previously). The subject of the documentary, Taylor Mead, is an 87 year old Beat poet and former Warhol Superstar, and the film depicts the romantic beauty and dereliction of La Vie Boheme. Should you have an interest in the film, the film company, or its director (me), please do not hesitate to contact me at the e-mail address I have provided you.

    Jeffrey Wengrofsky

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