11 May 2012: Short Vacation

I’m doing a ton of pre-writing today to get me through the weekend and Monday. I go from rehearsal to a big event in NYC to a 6AM train to DC tomorrow morning to a 3PM dress rehearsal on Monday afternoon. As such, I’ll be updating Sketchy Details again on Tuesday, 15 May 2012.

2 January 2011: What’s New at Sketchy Details

From the time I relaunched Sketchy Details in December 2010, I wanted it to have more of a magazine or journal feel. I had even tried the Magazine template on WordPress but didn’t like it. Why? I didn’t have enough content. Thirteen months in and I feel comfortable using this template. I doctored it up with my own colors and style and am pretty happy with it so far.

I also received a graphics tablet for Christmas. I’ve been playing around with it and will hopefully be able to start using it soon for image editing and creation on the site.

The other big change is more obvious monetization. I know adding new ads to a site can be a controversial decision, but I like to think I did it in a rather unobtrusive way. The ads are either at the bottom of a post or in the sidebars. They should be as targeted as they ever were and maybe even more so. Plus, none of them should be annoying pop-up/rollover/bar/screen freezing ads. I hope. If that happens, they’re getting pulled.

There are other things I have to toy with and add on still, but I think this is a pretty good start for working nonstop for 4 hours yesterday on finicky formatting and ad approvals.