Earlier this year, I named Fiona Apple’s song “Hot Knife” one of the best songs of 2012. I never expected it to go further than that. It felt a little too off-beat to be a single. Then I remembered we were talking about Fiona Apple.

Her new music video is “Hot Knife” and it’s captivating. The song–a series of stacked vocals over a timpani and occasional piano riff–is quite lovely. It’s a simple metaphor about loving someone spun to new dimensions with layered in new interpolations that alter the meaning.

The video, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, is all about Fiona Apple. It’s a series of close-ups of her showing all the different layers of the song. It starts with the timpani beat and grows to showcase all the different vocal tracks with split screens and different camera angles. It’s the perfect reflection of “Hot Knife” metaphor and the obsessive nature of falling head over heels for someone.