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The 67th Annual Tony Awards Live Blog

That’s right! I’ll be live blogging theater’s biggest night here at Sketchy Details. Come for the art, stay for the snark. For all my love of the Broadway community and the great shows they do, I cannot ignore how odd the ceremony can be. Will someone get a concussion this year because they didn’t go to tech rehearsal? Will a high profile star go up on her lines? Will Catherine Zeta-Jones storm the stage and demand 90 seconds of a song go on for 3 minutes with pregnant pauses? Who knows? It’s the Tonys.

Tune back at 8PM EST for the live play by play. The blog is going to automatically update in your browser so you don’t have to click anywhere. The newest bit rises to the top like foam on a latte. It’s magic.

Checking it out after Tony night? Scroll to the bottom and read to the top. Then share your thoughts below.

85th Annual Academy Awards Live Blog

It’s finally here! The biggest film awards show in America goes off live in just under 90 minutes and I will be bringing you the action live. You can also follow on my Twitter feed if you prefer, as I can’t help but interact on such a popular night for geeks like me.

How it works is that you can just stay on this page and it will update live in front of you. The new posts will appear on top and I’ll do my best to snatch images off the TV with my camera phone as necessary. Who are you rooting for? Share your thoughts throughout the night and I’ll chime in as well.

See you at 8:30 EST.

The Oscars are over, the prizes have been handed out, and the live blog is complete. If you’re catching up the day after, start at the bottom and work your way to the top. Thanks for following along to everyone who checked in last night.

The 55th Grammys Live Blog

Below you’ll find my complete live blog for the 55th Grammys. Start at the bottom and work your way to the top. This wordpress Liveblog plugin works beautifully but still needs more customization options. I’d love to be able to flip to post order and all that jazz.

What the ease of this plugin means is that I can start blogging about shows like Drag Race again. The next-day image editing, screen capture, and posting is a many hour affair and I just don’t have that time in the day anymore. But being able to recap, comment, and critique while it airs this easily? Much more reasonable. I can grab images on my phone (until I get my screen capture card in the coming weeks) and even add them in after. Very excited.

Do It Live: America’s Got Talent: Season 6, Ep. 31 (Final 4)

We’re finally here! Tonight is the last performance night for Season 6. Tomorrow night, we find out which act wins the million dollar prize. Will it be the crooner, the light up dancers, the backlit dancers, or the band? There’s a 75% chance we get a brand new kind of winner this season. Me? I’m banking on Landau Eugene Murphy Jr for the fact that he is a man who sings. That’s an almost-guaranteed victory on a modern talent show in America.

And, for the last time this season, we’re doing it live. Check back for updates throughout the night. Share your own thoughts.

First up tonight is Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. He’s the crooner who the show claims is shocking. Is it because he’s black? Am I being too cynical here? The guy can sing and he never takes the easy way out.

Landau has a larger orchestra onstage. He’s singing “My Way.” It might be a little low-key for the finale. He’s singing it beautifully. The crowd goes wild when he hits the chorus. He’s straining a little bit when he tries to mix with a belt on the bridge. He’s technique is insane. He has beautiful round vowels and excellent placement tonight. No X’s.

Do It Live: America’s Got Talent: Season 6, Ep. 29 (Final 10)

Can you believe we’re finally four episodes away from a winner? And that we’ve sat through twenty-nine episodes of this show? We’re getting close to soap opera territory on the season length here. As America’s Got Talent Turns at the General Hospital of Passions by the Dark Tower of Beverly Hills.

Tonight, the top 10 acts compete for a slot in next week’s grand finale. Who will rise to the occasion and who will raise my blood pressure. I’m looking at you, Silhouettes and Smage Bros. Don’t make me get my ruler out.

As always, we’re doing this show live. Comment as you like throughout the two hours and keep checking back for updates. I’m decreasing the tweet frequency but still updating here after every performance.

First up tonight is Miami All Stars. They are the most technically gifted dancers left in the competition. Last week, they jumped from Latin ballroom to swing. What genre will they pound the floor with this week to get to the finale?

Do It Live: America’s Got Talent: Season 6, Ep. 27 (2nd Semifinals)

How much longer can they stretch this out?

I mean, welcome back to America’s Got Talent, the best summertime variety show turned singing/dancing competition by this point in the history of television. Tonight’s the second Semifinals. Here’s where its going to get interesting. We have a couple singers who can do new songs, and we have some dancers that can choose new music, but the acts tonight are overwhelmingly specialized novelty acts. How many different ways can you jump through ladders or jump into shallow water or jump a motorcycle? Brew up some coffee and join in on the live recap of the show.

Share your thoughts. You know I want to hear them. All it takes is basic math skills to stop the hundreds of spam messages that filter blocks every day at this site.

Opening the show tonight is (not surprisingly at all) The Kinetic King. He’s the artist who does the kinetic sculptures like dominoes. His Quarterfinals performances was tragic with nothing going off, so he went with a slower but taller display for his Wild Card chance. Can he bring back the speed and guarantee execution tonight?

Do It Live: America’s Got Talent: Season 6, Ep. 25 (1st Semifinals)

We’re so close to the end of the season, I can almost forgive the show for taking an extra two weeks to get to the Semifinals. Tonight, the first 12 competitors aim for a spot in the finals. Now, this does not mean the show ends in two weeks. Chances are, there’s a Final 8 and then a Final 4 before the winner is declared. Maybe they’ll switch formats this year. Who knows? We know now. The show announced during the broadcast that there will be a Top 10. That means 5 acts are moving on in each Semifinals.

As always, we’ll be doing the play by play recap live tonight. Sound off in the comments throughout the night. I love hearing what you guys think.

Up first tonight is Zuma Zuma. They’re that great acrobat/tumbling team that stepped it up with giant pole work in the live shows. What other tricks do they have to show us?

There is a stack of chairs on the stage. They’re performing to Sean Paul’s “Temperature.” They’re starting by tumbling over and under a flaming limbo stick. One member is doing a handstand on top of the giant stack of chairs. Someone is eating fire. Three of them are stacked on top of each other right now. They’re really stepping up the danger level tonight. The routine doesn’t seem as guided as it normally is. It’s not quite random, but it isn’t building to a grand crescendo like their past performances. No X’s.

Do It Live: America’s Got Talent: Season 6, Episode 23 (Wild Card)

Another bonus round of this show? Are they trying to stay on the air long enough to keep the upcoming X-Factor from debuting at number one? I can’t complain when the producers are letting my beloved Those Funny Little People come back to annoy Piers some more.

As is expected, I’ll be blogging this live. Comment as the show goes on if you feel like it. I love reading other opinions and the live recap means I can’t troll the various forums for instant feedback.

First up tonight is The Kinetic King. He does those impressive kinetic sculptures with the popsicle sticks. If he can actually get the chain reaction going (as opposed to his disastrous Quarterfinals performance where he couldn’t get one step to work right), he might have enough flash to move on.

The stage is filled with cans covered in larger kinetic devices. Kinetic King has light-up goggles and no back-up dancers. He will be launching it himself. It worked. It’s just a really cool looking act. It can’t possibly work in Vegas but he’s absolutely redeemed himself. Good for him. The stage looks like it’s going to spell out some kind of message. We have the return of the Kinetic King’s Got Talent sign and some new devices. The balloons are now spelling out Kinetic King. THe finale is a stack of trash cans crashing to the ground. Flawless run. No X’s.

Next up is Those Funny Little People.

Do It Live: America’s Got Talent, Season 6, Ep. 21 (YouTube Show)

Are you ready America? Are you ready to revisit that trainwreck that was the YouTube audition show last year? Sure, we got Jackie Evancho singing songs well beyond her years, but we also got a dog who sat onstage for 90 seconds and did NOTHING. It was glorious.

Tonight, I’ll be recapping the show AND posting the YouTube audition that got the contestants here. Am I crazy? Yes. Yes I am. That’s a whole lot of live formatting. I do it all for you.

Chime in at any time with your own thoughts. I really enjoy it. The commiserating last week over Kinetic King made me feel a little better about what happened.

Up first tonight is TNC Elite. They are a fusion clogging crew. I wasn’t particularly impressed by their audition video. It’s just so slow.

The stage is a library and they’re dressed as nerds. They’re doing a slowed-down version of “I Gotta Feeling” by The Black Eyed Peas. They confirm everything I thought about their YouTube video: they’re slow cloggers. We’ve had much better cloggers on the show in the past. They’re also stuck with goofy plastered smiles on their faces and a sincere lack of energy. This is not how you sell America on clogging. Their a capella at the end is much better than their performance with music. I say too little too late. No X’s.

Do It Live: America’s Got Talent, Season 6, Ep 19 (4th Quarterfinals)

Here we are, people. The last week of the Quarterfinals on season 6 of America’s Got Talent. It’s been a great mix of variety acts and novel musicians. Most of the singers who have moved on would not have stood a chance on previous seasons for not appealing to obvious demographics.

Tonight is going to be a strange one for the show. We have acts that clearly can’t fill a 90 second audition that could be X’d before they’re finished. We have danger acts and young musicians and even an impressionist who just flows from one character to the next. Who will move on by capturing America’s hearts and who will be the first act to be prevented from finishing their performance? Someone is going to get 3 X’s tonight. I can feel it. I’m also going to try updating the site in reverse. Meaning, the newest act will appear on top for easier reading. Then I’ll just sort it all out after the show.

First up is The Kinetic King. He’s the man who makes the domino-like chain reactions out of stick-bomb bundles. The judges seemingly put him through out of admiration for his work and liking his honesty about his act. I don’t see this moving on because he’s a one note act, but he sure is a lot of fun.

The stage is already set up for his performance. Nick Cannon was actually held in a cherry-picker over the stage to prevent setting off the reaction before the show is ready to judge him. He gets dancer girls to assist him in launching the act which is set to “Eye of the Tiger.” The reaction is not going off. Piers X’d him. He was aiming for the world record and everything went wrong. Howie X’d him. He gives up. 2 X’s.

Do It Live: America’s Got Talent: Season 6, Episode 17 (3rd Quarterfinals)

Are you excited for the live blogging action as I am? Last week, we witnessed Silhouettes pander their way into America’s hearts, as well as genuinely better acts Daniel Joseph Baker, Steven Retchless, and (much worse) Smage Brothers Riding Show move into the Semifinals. Who will join them this week?

I can tell you this much: if you’re a singer/instrumentalist over the age of 10 who doesn’t get voted through by America, you’re in trouble this season. The producers want someone other than a white guy with a guitar to win this season. Tonight’s quarterfinals are loaded with variety acts that will appeal to all sorts of different audiences. And we’ll be doing it live. As always, chime in whenever you feel like it, but keep it PG.

First up are Summerwind Skippers. They are a competitive jump rope team. We haven’t seen a complete audition from them yet. They’re talented, but is jump roping going to win over America?

There’s a discotheque/dancehall theme to the stage. They’re dressed in street clothes and jumping to LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem. It’s a little slow on the tricks so far. There’s dancing as well. It’s a good decision. They’re really trying to make this a Vegas worthy act. It’s just very slow-paced so far and cluttered onstage. It’s a great idea that would have been executed better with a faster track. All their tricks are clean and it’s cute. No X’s.

Do It Live: America’s Got Talent: Season 6, Episode 15 (2nd Quarterfinals)

It’s that time again. America’s Got Talent is about to start its second Quarterfinals. Judging by the gigantic spike in traffic last Tuesday night, I’d say the live blog was quite a success. I had fun doing it and clearly some people had fun reading it. That means more of my instant response, preferential ranking, and predictions live.

Feel free to chime on in with your own opinions throughout the broadcast. I’d love to hear them.

Let’s Get Started

Opening the show tonight are Attack Dance Crew. They’re the dancers who had the brand new style of dance that confused the judges. I rather like their formation changes and unisons, but can they win over Howie who thinks they are just cheerleaders?

Do It Live: America’s Got Talent: Season 6, Episode 13 (1st Quarterfinalists)

Since I won’t get another chance to recap America’s Got Talent until next week, I’m trying an experiment tonight. I will be writing up the 12 performances live and posting the entire thing shortly after the show finishes. This will include my personal ranking of the acts and predictions of who will make it through.

Let’s get this started.

First up are Miami All Stars. They are the Latin dance troupe that was put straight through to the live shows as a judges’ choice. They had what I consider to be the best dance audition in the history of the show. Their music was taken out right from underneath them within hours of the live show due to licensing issues. Can they step it up and actually compete?