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The Sneaky Scarecrow Strategy LoL Play It 2.05

The Sneaky Scarecrow Strategy (*NSFW LoL) (Play It 2.05)

Play It’s a day late this week, but it’s a good one. I’ve been playing a lot of League of Legends with Double Damsels and the mysterious G and this felt like the time to show off what we do. It’s NSFW because of the language.

See, my character, Fiddlesticks, isn’t really designed for this mode in the game. In fact, he’s so ill-suited to it, that most other players just ignore him. That’s their mistake. The sneaky scarecrow strategy is risky but rewarding.

Play It 2.02: Thomas Was Alone Part 1: Meet Thomas

Thomas Was Alone Part 1: Meet Thomas (Play It 2.02)

I’ve started my first official let’s play run over at Play It, my bimonthly video game show on Sketchy Details @YouTube. The game is Thomas Was Alone, because of course I’m going to let’s play a quirky indie platformer.

I cannot stress how much I love this game. If you don’t have it, you should get it. It’s easily one of the best indie platformers, right up there with Super Meat Boy and Fez. Only driven by a really beautiful, heart felt, funny, charming, and engaging story about rectanglular glitches randomly produced in a computer operating system.

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Play It: FlapMMO

Flappy BirdWhat happens when a bad game that’s selling very well suddenly gets pulled from the Android and iOS app stores? Infamy.

Flappy Bird is the now unattainable mobile game where you attempt to guide a bird through a series of sewer pipes by tapping on the screen. Last week, the game was pulled from sale for reasons. Either the creator grew tired of the backlash over the poorly designed and/or intentionally extremely difficult game or larger game companies threatened legal action for stealing artwork straight from their games (namely, Nintendo, cause those sewer pipes, grass, and ground design are the same as Super Mario Bros). Now, you can’t even submit a game with the word “Flappy” in the title because Apple will tell you you’re profiting off of another game’s notoriety. Google is also rejecting clones and games with “Flappy” in the title, but they aren’t saying why.

Fortunately, this is 2014. Game designers are very good at keeping things alive if they want to. Flappy Bird clones are all over the place. None are as clever as FlapMMO.

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Rust 101 (Play It 2.01)

Rust 101 (Play It 2.01)

Today’s the day, good people. Play It, my new YouTube video game series, debuts with a look at Rust. Rust is one of the most successful Steam Early Access games so far, selling over one million copies in less than two months. It can be intimidating to jump into an MMO world that populated. The violent PVP and killer blood red bears aren’t exactly welcoming.

Never fear. I take you through Rust 101 in the first episode of Play It, showing you how to gather resources, hunt food, and turn the game into The Sims when you build your very own mansion.

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Play It: The Witch’s House

The Witch's HouseIn all my years of suggesting free computer games through Play It, I’ve never suggested a game that you had to download to play. I wanted a certain level of convenience to the feature. It’s always been browser games that you could click over to immediately.

Yet, with all sorts of fun, easy to use game creation engines like RPG Maker, Twine, and Ren’Py coming out, it seems almost short-sighted not to include the occasional downloadable game. They’re not huge files, they don’t have massive processing requirements, and they don’t take a long time to download. Once you get the client to play them with, it’s just as easy as clicking over to a browser game.

The first downloadable game I’m featuring on Play It is The Witch’s House. This is a Japanese puzzle/horror game originally released last October by Fummy. He created the game in RPG Maker and has very fair requests for using the material. vgperson has the approved English translation and it’s terrifying.

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Play It: Organ Trail

Play It: Organ Trail

I know some people are burned out on zombies. Just this year, we’ve had Warm Bodies, that disastrous World War Z adaptation (the second film this year I could not bring myself to review after watching), The Last of Us, the re-release of The War Z (now Infestation: Survivor Stories), another season of The Walking Dead, and the constant threat of new zombie projects on the horizon.

Organ Trail, a retro-PC strategy game, is different. It’s a play on Oregon Trail reset during the zombie apocalypse. You make strategic decisions like choosing whether to wait out a zombie horde, drive through slowly, or shoot out a path before going through. You stock up on supplies in towns and can even pick up jobs to earn a little cash on the side.

Organ Trail Dark
Well, that turned dark fast
The new spin on this throwback PC-styled game (double nostalgia: the graphics in the shooting/exploration scenes are strongly influenced by Atari 2600) is the biggest draw and the darkest element. If one of your fellow survivors becomes sick, critically injured, or infected, you can choose to kill them.

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