Sweet Fever Needs Your Help

Sweet Fever, the web series about a candy store owner willing to do anything to earn the top prize in a professional pillow fighting league to save her store, needs a little help to finish their first season.

I raved about the show over the summer. Here’s why: it’s a genre-bending comedy series fully committed to a 1970s grindhouse/B-movie vibe. They’ve done horror, romantic comedy, and espionage thrillers in five episodes. Who knows what they have planned for the season finale?

Now, the creators of Sweet Fever are trying to crowdfund the series finale. They’re not asking for much, either. $2200 means seeing Sweet Fever finally take the ring and go for the cash prize.

Here’s their IndieGoGo fundraising video.

Notice anything interesting? They’re using the plot of the show to raise funds. This is not a “please help, send monies” campaign. 20 seconds of the video explain why there’s an IndieGoGo campaign. The rest is the cast continuing the story of Sweet Fever training for her debut fight. I applaud them for actually delivering entertaining content to sell the series on its own merits rather than a sympathy plea or over the top sales pitch.

The IndieGoGo campaign ends on 5 December. As of this writing, they’re just $174 away from meeting their goal. Consider contributing a few dollars to help a strong, smart web comedy series end their debut season with a bang.