Lorde Royals

Listen: Royals by Lorde

Lorde RoyalsI’m currently obsessing over Lorde’s debut single “Royals.” It replaced the magnificent recording of “Joy of the Lord” from the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Hands on a Hardbody that burrowed into my brain upon release.

Originally, I was just intrigued. She had a unique voice. The beat was different from the synth-driven dubstep-esque pop dominating the airwaves but it wasn’t the totally organic new folk revival happening, either. It stood out.

Then I really started the break the song apart and fell hard. A 16 year old (now 17) writing a song this clever is a rarity, indeed. There’s a playful sense of disinterest that really drives the song. Lorde claims she’s not driven by the high life in her music or life yet she’s interested enough to namedrop a rather lengthy list of pop culture tropes.

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Banned Books Week 2013

Slipstream #7: Banned Genre Books

This week on Slipstream: The Pulp Culture Vlog, we celebrate Banned Books Week. Specifically, we look at the five most challenged horror, sci-fi, and fantasy books and books series according to the American Library Association’s wonderful challenged book resources. The list was derived, specifically, from the Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books: 2000-2009 list. The rankings very well may have shuffled a bit since 2009. The Harry Potter series is not appearing as frequently and Captain Underpants actually topped the list for 2012.

Watch the video, then click through for all the behind the scenes gossip.

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