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Slipstream 2.03 The Last of Us Movie

The Last of Us Movie (Slipstream 2.03)

I’m getting into a groove with this new Slipstream format. First, I go deep on what we know about the recently announced The Last of Us feature film adaptation. Then, I countdown the five most emotional horror films you’ve probably never seen to tide you over until you can cry at the big screen reimagining of that opening 15 minutes in The Last of Us. I’m starting to cry just thinking about that. Stiff upper lip.

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Slipstream 2.01: Have the Oscars Gone Crazy for Sci-Fi? Slipstream 2.01

Slipstream 2.01: Have the Oscars Gone Crazy for Sci-Fi?

I had enough of a voice to film a traditional episode of Slipstream and took advantage of it. The topic for the first episode of the new season is the relationship between science fiction and the Oscars. We take a quick look at the five sci-fi hopefuls for Oscar glory followed by the four strangest nominations for sci-fi films in the history of the Academy Awards.

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Slipstream #13: Valerie's Labyrinth

Slipstream #13: Valerie’s Labyrinth

You ever see two films and think there’s no way the similarities are coincidental? We’re not talking the shot for shot remake of Psycho from Gus Van Sant here. We’re talking about films that were made in response to other films.

This week on Slipstream: The Pulp Culture Vlog, I propose that a modern Academy Award-winning fantasy classic pulls more than just a little inspiration from a radical Czech New Wave Surrealist fantasy from the 1970s. The latter already inspired one of my favorite dark fantasy/horror films of all time; whose to say that a film buff like the director of the former wouldn’t have embraced the structure and story of the same film for his own purposes.

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