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The Sneaky Scarecrow Strategy LoL Play It 2.05

The Sneaky Scarecrow Strategy (*NSFW LoL) (Play It 2.05)

Play It’s a day late this week, but it’s a good one. I’ve been playing a lot of League of Legends with Double Damsels and the mysterious G and this felt like the time to show off what we do. It’s NSFW because of the language.

See, my character, Fiddlesticks, isn’t really designed for this mode in the game. In fact, he’s so ill-suited to it, that most other players just ignore him. That’s their mistake. The sneaky scarecrow strategy is risky but rewarding.

Sketchy Details @Home 2.04: The Waking Dead

The Waking Dead (Sketchy Details @Home 2.04)

This week on Sketchy Details @Home, I show you how to alter storebought products to furnish as pop culture gifts for your friends. I went with a The Walking Dead theme because Sunday’s episode was everything. If I had more time, I would have done a straight up riff on THAT scene (you know the one), but I kept it simple with an assorted pack of The Waking Dead tea.

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The Haunting Ground: Child's Play 2.03

Child’s Play (The Haunting Ground 2.03)

Evil children/evil toys are terrifying, sure. But what about the happier stories about childhood? On this episode of The Haunting Ground, I discussed the various ways children’s entertainment has been (and can be) twisted to be creepy, funny, or downright terrifying for a Halloween display.

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