Double Damsels Play Damned

It’s the week of the show I’ve been working on since December and I’m exhausted already. I’ll be curating content this week. It’ll be fun.

My friend Angela runs the YouTube gaming channel Double Damsels with her friend Lisa. They have great chemistry and play games I like. Here’s their newest video, exploring an early alpha build of Damned.

The Purge: Anarchy

Another The Purge: Anarchy Trailer

Hey guys. Remember when I said The Purge sequel would be amazing if it was kind of an anthology film looking at different groups of people trying to survive the night? I got dangerously close to the plot of the film.

Per the new trailer, a man decides to participate in the annual Purge to avenge the death of someone in his family. By chance, he encounters two young women who failed to protect themselves in a hotel room from the lawless festivities. And the trailer doesn’t show a connection between that new plot and the original focus on the couple whose car runs out of gas while racing home to avoid the Purge. There are also recurring one-night criminals all over the place in the new trailer.

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Twin Peaks Coffee

Twin Peaks: A Cup of Coffee

Twin Peaks is one of many shows my family probably shouldn’t have let me watch as a kid. The reasoning was that it was just TV. A refreshing attitude, for sure (same with just taking us to R-rated films if we wanted to see them since we could keep our mouths shut and not distract other theater goers), but one that led to a whole lot of bizarre early genre influence on my life.

Twin Peaks sparked a lifelong fascination with David Lynch’s work in my young mind. I liked just how weird the show was. It was a little scary, but I was already watching classic horror films at that point and reading any scary book I could get my hands on. I distinctly remember having nightmares about Laura Palmer’s body and the backwards talking dream sequences. Still, I couldn’t get enough.

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Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell

Horror Thursday: Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell

I had no idea what Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell was before I watched it for this week’s Horror Thursday over at Man, I Love Films. I just kept saying it was fascinating. No, really, I watched and said “fascinating” every few minutes right until the end card. I had to keep grounding myself to make sure I wasn’t making up the whole film in a fever dream brought on by pre-show stress and insomnia; it wasn’t. There is a plane crash alien invasion anti-war psychological horror film with gooey body snatching vampire aliens. It’s a trip.

Horror Thursday: Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell

Drag Race 6.05: Snatch Game

Ranking RuPaul’s Drag Race 6.05


It’s Snatch Game, people! Ru didn’t even waste time on a mini challenge this week. The contestants were told to do their best celebrity impersonations for the annual game show that separates the contenders from the pretenders.

The contestants who chose funny characters did well. The contestants who didn’t chose funny characters did poorly. Not even a RuPaul-themed runway presentation could save the bottom three from their horrible work in Snatch Game. It’s Season 6. You know the challenge has appeared every year from Season 2. How could you not prepare a comedy character before coming?

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Muppets Most Wanted Review

Muppets Most Wanted Review (Film, 2014)

Muppets Most Wanted, announced as the seventh sequel in a clever opening song, takes the iconic puppets on a whirlwind tour of Europe for the first time. Kermit and his friends are convinced by tour manager Dominic Badguy to perform in Europe after the rousing success of their comeback at the end of 2011′s The Muppets. However, international criminal mastermind Constantine, himself a green frog, swaps places with Kermit in a grand scheme to steal the crown jewels of England. Comedy ensues.

The great dividing factor on your reaction to Muppets Most Wanted is how much you enjoy musicals. Do you like the Muppets and musicals? Then you’ll love Muppets Most Wanted. Do you prefer there not to be an original song in almost every scene of your Muppets film experience? Then you probably won’t fall for Muppets Most Wanted. It really is as simple as that.

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