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Best of January 2013

The Impossible Torture Porn

Reviews: Django Unchained God Bless America The Impossible Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues by Diana Rowland Amour Capsule Reviews: January 2013 Views: Top 12 Video Games of 2012 Top 12 Films of 2012 Best Albums of 2012 Best…

The Link Rally: 12 June 2012

Cat and Monster

New Regresty contest! Design the new must-have cross stitch sampler for April Winchell’s museum of whimsy, aka her house. Regretsy The creator of The Oatmeal is collecting all the money. $120,000+ for bears and cancer research. The Oatmeal My fellow…

The Link Rally: 4 June 2012

The Creation of Mario

Ann Jillian discusses her experience shooting one of the strangest Twilight Zone episodes. She was the little psychic girl who was sent to school to learn to talk. Fangoria I’m working my way through Alison Bechdel’s graphic novels right now.…