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Macbeth Review (Broadway)

Macbeth Review

What is it that has kept us coming back to Shakespeare again and again for centuries? Is it the masterful wordplay? The colorful characters? The layers of meaning and themes interwoven throughout? The structure that binds each play together? Alan…

I Am Alive and the Big Start

I Am Alive

When it comes to Spring Into Suspense, we’ve covered everything from orchestral scoring to spiraling structures in video games, books, theater, comics, and film. Yet there is an entirely different school of suspense that has become synonymous with horror films.…

Explore: Broodhollow

Explore: Broodhollow

Broodhollow is a new webcomic by Kris Straub. He is best known for his long-running sci-fi webcomic Starslip and the gag a day comic Chainsawsuit. He’s also a regular guest in the expanded Penny Arcade universe, guesting on various PATV…