Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Review

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Review (PC)

Let's call Doctor Who: The Adventure Games my biggest surprise of 2014 so far. I knew the game existed and was always tempted to purchase it. I'm a big Doctor Who fan and that's justified a lot of shopping my life so far. But the reviews were mixed, at best, and I just didn't want to chance it.Then the game appeared in a recent Humble Bundle and I was willing to toss a few bucks to charity to finally play the game. I'm happy to report that Doctor Who fans won't be disappointed.Doctor Who: The Adventure Games is a stealth/puzzle/adventure … Continue Reading ››
American Horror Story Freak Show

Watch: American Horror Story Season 4 Trailers

Welcome to the Freak Show, people. Season 4 is all about a traveling show run by Jessica Lange and I'm bursting with excitement.Sadly, my joking prediction of Michael Chiklis as the bearded lady did not come true. We'll have to settle for Emmy-Award winner (for her stunning portrayal of Madama LaLaurie) Kathy Bates in full beard, instead. Angela Bassett and Sarah Paulson return with an extra breast and an extra head, respectively. Evan Peters is there, too, as a carny of some sort.Then we reach the head witch in charge, the grand dame of … Continue Reading ››
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Coming 4 November

People, this is not a drill. We finally have a release date for the HD reimagining of The Binding of Isaac. On 4 November, prepare to be sucked back into one of the most bizarre, compelling, disturbing, and addictive games of all time.In case you missed out the first time around, allow me to catch you up. Isaac lives with his mother. His mother believes that God is talking to her and she must prove her faith by disciplining Isaac. She takes away his toys, his possessions, and eventually his clothing. Then she's told to sacrifice her son to prove … Continue Reading ››

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