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Game Dev Tycoon Review (PC/Mac/Linux Game)

gamedevtycoonfeatured Game Dev Tycoon Review (PC/Mac/Linux Game)So there I was, developing a new AAA title for my console The Best Games Console Ever, when disaster struck. My console was selling well against the GameStation and my games were critically acclaimed. I was a week away from launching the greatest MMORPG ever created. My profits dropped in the red during the development again–it happened a few years before when I first was developing the console–and this time, the bank said no more. The Best Games Company Ever went bankrupt and another developer bought all of my super popular franchises.

Game Dev Tycoon is a super slick game development simulator from first time developers Greenheart Games. The premise is simple. You are an independent game developer starting out a few years before the release of the NES (every company, organization, and game console has an alternate name off by a few letters, I’m using the real names as necessary from here on out). You are randomly assigned game subjects–ninjas, music, evolution, vampires, space, etc.–and can choose one of six game genres to develop for.

When you start, your choice is text-based or simple graphics games and a variety of sliders to allocate your resources. The sliders set how much time is developed. For example, do you spend more time on sound or world design in phase three to release a casual fashion game for the PC market? After the game is released, you receive four reviews that impact your sales and you can generate a report that lets you know the ins and outs of making a law/action game (and if that’s even a good combo to release at all).