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Best in Comics 2013

Comics can be a hard field to evaluate. A lot of serialized comics take a little time to warm up and become something truly outstanding. Others grab you right from the start and never gain enough audience share to continue to that next level.

Just to make things a little easier, for the first year of Sketchys for Comics, I’m not going to include continuing series. We’re limiting it to the calendar year 2013 even if it means excluding great series like Saga and MIND MGMT that really blew up after their first few issues. Webcomics and graphic novels will also be rewarded here.

The 2013 Sketchys: Best Comics


I Sell the DeadListen, I’ll admit it. My review of I Sell the Dead isn’t the best looking partner at the dance. The hair is messy and the shoes are scuffed. It still gets the job done. This is what happens when I realize at 11:30PM that I have a review due before I typically wake up. I don’t sleep much, but I know when to cut myself off from writing so I still sound lucid and stylish. Check out the brevity.

Horror Thursday: I Sell the Dead