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Foreign Chops #18: Germany

Pina 3DThe first edition of Foreign Chops of the new year is up. I asked for submissions of German film content over at The LAMB and I wasn’t disappointed. Great variety, plus I get to proselytize the good word of Pina again. Have you accepted this masterful documentary about an amazing choreographer in your life yet?

I get to announce an exciting new project with The LAMB soon, but for now, enjoy the new Foreign Chops.

Foreign Chops #18: Germany


Not the Robots ReviewI’m happy to announce that I will be reviewing video games for GIZORAMA. It’s a great site with very thoughtful writers that you should be following.

First up is my review of Not the Robots. Perhaps you’ve heard of the robot eating furniture stealth game already? It’s different than the type of game I’m usually drawn to but it has a lot of good things going for it.

Not the Robots Review