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Macbeth Review (Broadway)

Macbeth Review

What is it that has kept us coming back to Shakespeare again and again for centuries? Is it the masterful wordplay? The colorful characters? The layers of meaning and themes interwoven throughout? The structure that binds each play together? Alan…


And in PayPal is still evil news, Paypal refused to release crowdfunding to Skullgirls developer Lab Zero because they refused to acknowledge that the money was raised for development, not product. Paypal wouldn’t give up the money unless Lab Zero agreed to be 100% responsible for refunds on a product people pre-paid for in a game they already own and enjoy enough to prepay for product. All but $35,000 have been released now but the story’s not over. Lab Zero is out for blood and will be filing complaints to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau because no other bank or banking service pulls this nonsense.

PayPal Refuses to Release Crowdfunding to Skullgirls Developer