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Best Film Songs of 2012

Not to be confused with Best Use of Music in Film, Best Film Songs is about those little musical diversions that actually take center stage in a film and leave an impression. The origin doesn’t matter. A cover song used for good effect can be just as impressive as an original song.

Here are the Best Film Songs of 2012. An asterisk indicates a VOD release. Each film was limited to one ranked entry to allow for a wider discussion. Skip over to Page 4 for a playlist of most of the entries. Three were not available to embed from YouTube.

Honorable Mentions:

Best Film Songs of 2012 Honorable Mentions

  • Damsels in Distress, “Things Are Looking Up”
  • The Devil’s Carnival*, “Grace for Sale”
  • Les Miserables, “Lovely Ladies”
  • Moonrise Kingdom, “Cuckoo”
  • Magic Mike, “Ladies of Tampa”
  • Sound of My Voice, “Dreams”

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