Geek Creation Show

Geek Creation Show: Come See My High Tech Halloween Panel

I am very excited to announce that I will be presenting a panel/workshop during the first ever Geek Creation Show in Piscataway, NJ. It’s called “High Tech Halloween on a Low Tech Budget” and it’s going to be a lot of fun. In 45 minutes, I’m going to run you through my biggest cost-saving tricks to create a home haunt or Halloween party with a lot of wow factor.

Geek Creation Show

The Geek Creation Show is a brand new convention about living a better geeky life. The entire event is inspired by the spirit and legacy of Nikola Tesla. All proceeds from the convention will be donated to the Tesla Museum and Science Center at Wardenclyffe. My fellow panelists and I were encouraged to submit panels/workshops that could help our fellow geeks learn something new or refine their awesome geeky skills.

The convention is run by the same team that does the Steampunk World’s Faire and Wicked Faire (a winter Renaissance faire). Their events are always well-planned and a whole lot of fun to go to. I am honored to participate in the launch of their new event, helping out a great cause and meeting all new geeky people just like me.

The Geek Creation Show will be held from 15-17 November at the Radison in Piscataway, NJ. The ticket prices are as follows:

  • $30 for One Day Admission
  • $50 for General Weekend Admission
  • $55 for VIP Weekend Admission (including grab-bag)

If you order your Weekend Admission tickets by 31 August, you can save a lot of money with coupon codes. “InflatableBacon” gets you $20 off of a General Weekend Admission ticket. “MoreInflatableBacon” gets you $15 off of a VIP Weekend Admission ticket.

You can order your tickets here.

Right now, my panel is scheduled in Salon A on Friday night, 8:00-8:45 PM. I have a lot of cool things to discuss, demos to perform, and tons of information and resources for you to take home. The panel will be interactive with open Q&A and visitor-guided topics. I’m nothing if not flexible. You show up, you let me know what part of a High Tech Halloween on a Low Tech Budget interests you and I will do my best to accommodate your interests. I’m prepared to cover everything from budgeting a haunt to lighting effects, foam manipulation to advanced painting techniques, and even some simple animation tricks for your props. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Are you going to the Geek Creation Show? Sound off in the comments below.