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Sketchy Details @Home 2.04: The Waking Dead

The Waking Dead (Sketchy Details @Home 2.04)

This week on Sketchy Details @Home, I show you how to alter storebought products to furnish as pop culture gifts for your friends. I went with a The Walking Dead theme because Sunday’s episode was everything. If I had more time, I would have done a straight up riff on THAT scene (you know the one), but I kept it simple with an assorted pack of The Waking Dead tea.

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Pop Culture Silhouettes (Sketchy Details @Home 2.02)

Pop Culture Silhouette (Sketchy Details @Home 2.02)

Episode 2.02 of Sketchy Details @Home is now up. I’m really happy with this one.

It’s the first DIY project for you guys to try at home. I like the simplicity of it. You probably have most of the supplies at home to do it today if you want to.

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Gandalf's Game of Thrones (Sketchy Details @Home 2.01

Gandalf’s Game of Thrones

It’s back! After a longer than anticipated break to recharge my batteries and redo my production studio, Sketchy Details @YouTube has returned for Season 2.

First up is the new episode of Sketchy Details @Home: Gandalf’s Game of Thrones. I finally did ceramics on the show for you guys, the medium I’m the most trained in. Blame my mother. She started teaching before I was born and still teaches today.

The schedule for the channel is different. It’s on a monthly rotation now based on complete weeks (well, weeks containing a Tuesday and Friday).

1st & 3rd Tuesday: Sketchy Details @Home: Pop Culture Arts & Crafts
1st & 3rd Friday: Slipstream: Pulp Culture Commentary
2nd & 4th Tuesday: Play It: Great Video Games
2nd & 4th Friday: The Haunting Ground: Halloween DIY & Inspiration

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Sketchy Details @Home #16: Scrooged!

Sketchy Details @Home #16: Scrooged!

A new episode of Sketchy Details @Home featuring handmade holiday decorations, the new intro graphic, and the new outro design. Tis the season to lovingly pay tribute to classic holiday specials, like Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol. My grandmother and I make a great production team. She draws out the image, then I cut it out and paint in all the details. If there’s forced perspective illusions, it’s all me.

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Sketchy Details @Home #13: Speakeasy Swan Lake

Sketchy Details @Home #13: Speakeasy Swan Lake

We’ve reached the Face Off season finale where, once again, the contestants had to do a lot of makeup for a live stage performance. I love that as a finale challenge. I just wish that, you know, the contestants painted for the back row considering it was a ballet challenge. You couldn’t really see the details during the dance. That’s not good. Live theater doesn’t come with one on one closeup examinations to fully understand the concept.

For the finale, I took the unused theme–the Roaring 20′s (Hello, flapper girl to swan transformation. Why you not obvious to the finalists?)–and tried out a new style of diorama. I originally wanted to paint a backdrop and draw the characters and accessories on card stock, but I had no way to house the finished project. The answer was literally in front of me the whole time. No, really. Those gift boxes have been right smack in the middle of my workshop for years.

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Sketchy Details @Home #12: Dark Elf Magic

Sketchy Details @Home #12: Dark Elf Magic

A little shadow box art to brighten up–or perhaps darken up–your Tuesday. Sketchy Details @Home is back with a new art project inspired by SyFy’s Face Off. Since last week was preempted by Halloween madness (so worth it, did you see the Haunt video?), I had the choice of the Dark Elf/Nordic Rune challenge or the Bird/Human Hybrid challenge. I went with the Dark Elf challenge. I preferred all of those designs to the designs in the bird challenge and already had a solid idea of what I would do.

I tested out a different camera rig that would have been perfect with the light I decided not to set up and a new mic that I still need to order. Much better visual quality than the cellphone videos the first 11 weeks.

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