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Slipstream #2: The Cinema of Lovecraft

Hey everyone. The second episode of Slipstream, my pulp culture vlog is now up. This time, I break down the essence of Lovecraft through the lens of three very different films that really captured the style, mood, and psychology of the reclusive horror/sci-fi master.

Watch the video here, share it with your friends, and get the word out about the new project.

Here’s your behind the scenes details for the episode:

  • My lavalier microphone got destroyed at that terrible AnimeNEXT convention. I had to use the shotgun mic that unfortunately pics up a bit of the buzz from the camcorder. I’m loud so it’s not too distracting.
  • I’m working on a much longer project inspired by Lovecraft on film. I want to test it out at a convention this fall (NYCC, maybe? We’ll see what they say about press running a panel) before committing to the nitty-gritty of putting pen to paper.
  • I previously did a huge podcast just on the score of Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural and could probably write a book just on that film, its literary references, its style, and its connections to Night of the Hunter.
  • For all the horror conventions I’ve been to that have advertised Jeffrey Combs’ (star of Re-Animator) appearance, I’ve yet to meet him. Someday, I’ll meet the closest we have to a Lovecraft parallel to Victor Price’s mastery of Poe onscreen. Someday.
  • “Beyond the Wall of Sleep” is my favorite Lovecraft story. I’ve been writing a musical inspired by it and “The Music of Erich Zahn” for, I want to say, four or five years now. It’s finding the balance between loyalty and accessibility that’s tripping me up.

Slipstream #1: Welcome to Pulp Culture

I warned you about this on Saturday and it’s here already. This is Slipstream, my vlog on pulp culture. Pulp culture is a catch-all for horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. The first issue is all about my background, the draw of the genres, and how they’re all related to each other and reality.

This is also my entry for the Geek & Sundry Vlogs channel. They’re looking for 10 new vloggers to join the channel. Even if I don’t get selected, I plan on keeping up with the videos. I don’t want to set a schedule just yet, but I’m thinking two a month is pretty reasonable. Besides, I have other video series dedicated to art/craft and home haunting planned that will debut this month.

Insider trivia from the episode:

  • I prepared a huge visual aid for the Neil Gaiman segment that I couldn’t get into focus on screen. My scanner is too small to pick it up, either, so I went straight up competitive forensics with the hand signals.
  • This took 9 takes with a loose outline memorized in my head. The camera fell over after take 5, hence the perspective jumps.
  • The Geek Love segment came to me on the spot in my last take. It really was just window dressing. I filmed similar segments on The Handmaid’s Tale, District 9, Friday the 13th, Jason and the Argonauts, Marie Christine (musical), and Star Wars.
  • The painting in the back is one I took over for a family member who abandoned it. I also painted the fire dragon, rusting robot, and stained glass Gin Gwai (The Eye) fan art in the back.
  • That is the piano I arrange all my music on and, yes, I was working on some Nightmare Before Christmas and Legend of Zelda arrangements.

Like, share, comment, and subscribe. The Sketchy Details YouTube channel is where all the con videos are going to go. The vlogs will be there. The art and haunt videos will be there. I upload the occasional cover song, as well.