The Link Rally: 6 February 2012

I’m sure this article is getting some play in my Internet circles because of Albert Nobbs. Top 10 Men Who Were Really Women. Listverse

The Euro-crisis confuses me. Thank goodness for David McWilliams and dry erase board animation. Or, if your mindset goes the other, curse this fool for not understanding how to solve this crisis. Either way, it explains what’s happening (if not a definitive solution to the problem) in under three minutes. Punk Economics

Cake Wrecks pays tribute to shockingly realistic Super Bowl-ish cakes. Cake Wrecks

Spoiler alert: cats are carnivores. Passive Aggressive Notes

And to think, a year ago people were mocking the Godspell revival for its bizarre financing method. Four months ago, people were declaring they heard the show was closing before Christmas. Happy 100th performance. Broadway World

Finally, there’s a new Hunger Games trailer. I think you get a better feel of the tone with this one. Interesting changes to some memorable details and a much darker look to the Capital than I envisioned.