Daily Archives: 5 November 2013

Sketchy Details @Home #12: Dark Elf Magic

A little shadow box art to brighten up–or perhaps darken up–your Tuesday. Sketchy Details @Home is back with a new art project inspired by SyFy’s Face Off. Since last week was preempted by Halloween madness (so worth it, did you see the Haunt video?), I had the choice of the Dark Elf/Nordic Rune challenge or the Bird/Human Hybrid challenge. I went with the Dark Elf challenge. I preferred all of those designs to the designs in the bird challenge and already had a solid idea of what I would do.

I tested out a different camera rig that would have been perfect with the light I decided not to set up and a new mic that I still need to order. Much better visual quality than the cellphone videos the first 11 weeks.

Watch and enjoy, then subscribe to Sketchy Details @YouTube for more great video series like this one.