The Link Rally: 18 June 2012

  • Hey, what do you know? It’s not just Internet trolls that think women don’t play games and couldn’t be interested in them. Kotaku*
  • While we’re in the neighborhood, here’s a great editorial on why we don’t actually need booth babes at gaming conventions. The PA Report
  • Oh look. Someone else came to the same conclusions about Prometheus as I did. Notice how he deftly avoids suggesting that Ridley Scott offered any real answers to the myriad of questions he asks. io9
  • Are we going there? Yeah, we’re going there. The creator of Gilmore Girls is now in a fight with the creator of Grey’s Anatomy because diversity in casting/girl power. Can’t we just have a nice dance drama starring a very talented performer without outside drama? No? Pajiba
  • Palette cleanser: sample Hans Zimmer’s score for The Dark Knight Rises. Rope of Silcon
  • Try some intricate papercraft anatomy. io9
papercraftbones The Link Rally: 18 June 2012

Sarah Yakawonis is doing beautiful anatomically correct work.

  • So, Ray Bradbury may have predicted all of the future. Prepare your flameproof book bunkers now. Geeks Are Sexy
  • Just remember, the people who tweet about Justin Bieber being better than “x” because of Twitter, that’s why, were probably born long after the musician in question was a chart topper, let alone alive. Jezebel
  • Are special effects makeup artists the new rock stars? Matt Valentine thinks so. Fangoria

Finally, don’t you know that Mario is totally over? Indie games for life.

*The look of horror on the one game developer who penciled me in at NYCC was amazing when he realized I couldn’t play a shooter. Mythbusters, activate. Form of: nerd guy who is not a l33t shooter in video games.