Sia Chandelier

Listen: Chandelier by Sia

Sia has emerged after a long and successful career as a pop force to be reckoned with. Successful careers might be a more accurate phrase. She started in experimental jazz at 17. Then she got her first solo deal in more electronic music. Then she was reborn as the voice of Zero 7, a musical duo where she wasn’t actually a member of the creative duo. She continued her solo career and began another successful track as a songwriter for everyone from Christina Aguilera to Flo Rida.

The difference between Sia and a lot of other pop artists is intelligence and wit. There are smart songwriters who never find crossover success and there are pop singers who do nothing more than sing what’s given to them without a second thought. Sia has carved her niche with thoughtful music that’s easy to listen to with a much deeper message.

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Horror Thursday: DIe

Horror Thursday: Die

Horror Thursday is back. I missed last week because of my own reasons. You know them from last week. The show consumed my life and left me a blubbering, slobbering cluster of cells that didn’t move but to sleep, eat, and play the string book for Funny Girl for well over a week.

Die is…what it is. It’s a not-Saw film that doesn’t really want to be viewed as the horror film it’s meant to be. It also makes no sense and has no balance or sense of urgency with the various storytelling elements.

Read the full review. It’s complicated.

Horror Thursday: Die