Party Monster Review

Party Monster Review (Film, 2003)

If my constant praise for the musical Taboo, the music of Boy George, and Drag Race contestants with a Club Kid aesthetic didn’t tip you off, allow me to be direct. I have a strong fascination with the NYC Club Kid culture of the 80s. It is such a twisted world of art, fashion, music, and fame to just dig into and play around with.

James St. James’ memoir Disco Bloodbath is adapted in appropriately strange and sarcastic ways for the feature film Party Monster. You know the whole story in the first two scenes. James St. James lives with party promoter Michael Alig in his apartment in NYC. Michael admits to the murder of drug dealer Angel in self defense. James, so used to the ridiculous lengths Michael will go to for his parties, assumes it’s a joke and ODs on heroin. The rest of the film is told in flashback, from the time the pair first meet to the final blowout party before Michael’s arrest.

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