Slipstream #5: Innovations in Video Game Scare Technology

This week on Slipstream, we explore the world of video game mechanics. Specifically, we’re talking about innovative horror games that pushed the limitations of interactive media to create a far more engaging and terrifying experience. These games tackle everything from simulating the struggle of real world relationships to transforming your home into a haunted house.

Watch the video then click through for all the behind the scenes gossip.

  • I wasn’t joking about my reaction to horror video games. I really do shut off the TV/monitor or the console/program to save myself from the terror. Horror films aren’t a problem; video games are. I still enjoy them but I need many breaks to beat them.
  • I actually planned on including Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem and Don’t Starve in this video, as well, but hit technical difficulties. My GameCube controller wasn’t responding and my video capture software wasn’t coding the files correctly. Some other time.
  • Though I was mugging for the camera, the gameplay footage of Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir was real. I replayed the first haunted house stage and it got me good again.
  • When I picked my favorite game of the console generation for Games Abyss, Catherine was my first choice; my editor got it instead. I yielded to authority and I regret it.
  • Cursed Mountain is a game that took me years to hunt down. I raved about it before and will continue to sing its praises. Find it, buy it, and play it.
  • If I had a Wii U of my own, ZombieU would have been included. The use of the GamePad screen as the inventory menu without freezing time in the game is genius.
  • The other games I considered for this video that are totally worth playing are Illbleed (Dreamcast), The Walking Dead (PS3/Xbox360/PC/iOS/Vita), I Am Alive (PS3/Xbox360/PC), and Dear Esther (PC/iOS/Linux).

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